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Girls’ Names: Naming a daughter the Pinkett-Smith way
Girls’ Names: Naming a daughter the Pinkett-Smith way
Apr 19, 2024 4:05 AM

  This week, Appellation Mountain’s Abby Sandel follows up with Part Two of her suggestions for namesake gender-bending–this time it’s girls’ names from boys.

  Last week’s post was all about the trendsetting Pinkett-Smith family and their son Jaden Christopher Syre, named after mom Jada.  This week the spotlight turns to daughter Willow Camille Reign, after dad Will. While plenty of parents chose appellations that honor loved ones, crossing gender lines opens up some inventive options for girls’ names.

  At first glance, this is easy for girls’ names.  There are plenty of traditional equivalents, like Charles/Charlotte or Alexander/Alexandra.  But what if you’re trying to name a daughter after your brother Chad?  Or you adore your uncle Patrick, but you can’t imagine calling your little one Patricia?

  Parents have grafted together some unusual choices over the years.  There are just add –ette or –elle names, like Danette and Donelle; ends-in-ie choices, like Artie and Bennie; and double names, from Bobbie Sue to Rayanne.  Some may be carefully chosen, but Markie or Hughette can sound like afterthoughts, hastily cobbled together when the parents heard the words, “It’s a girl!” 

  Sometimes parents just pass on the masculine moniker, but there is a world of options for naming a daughter Pinkett-Smith style.  It’s not just Will and Jade, either.  Emeril Lagasse called his daughter Meril.

  Just like last week’s post, these are options based on the most popular names of the 1970s and 80s.  Add your additions and suggestions in the comments!

  Aaron – Allaire

  Adam – Adelaide, Amalia, Amanda

  Alan, Allen – Lana, Lena

  Alex, Alexander – Alice, Alix, Zara

  Andre, Andrew – Drea, Drusilla

  Anthony, Antonio – Antonella, Antha

  Arthur – Harlow

  Austin – Austen

  Benjamin – Enya

  Blake – Lake

  Brad**, Chad – Ada, Adeline**

  Bradley – Hadley

  Brendan – Brenna

  Brett – Bree

  Brian, Bryan, – Briar, Briony

  Bruce – Ruth

  Caleb – Libby

  Calvin – Vida, Vina

  Cameron – Camille, Maren

  Carl, Carlos – Carlotta

  Casey, Casy – Cassandra, Casilda

  Charles – Arliss

  Christian – Christian, Kester, Kitty

  Clayton – Layla

  Clinton – Linden, Lindy

  Cody – Echo

  Colin – Colette

  Corey, Cory – Cora, Coraline, Cordelia, Corisande

  Daniel – Annie, Danica, Elaina, Elodie, Elsa

  Darrell – Ella, Rell

  Darren – Wren

  David – Dava, Davina

  Dean – Jeanne

  Dennis – Nessa

  Donald – Donna, Donnatella

  Dylan – Dilys

  Edward – Eden, Edie

  Edwin – Gwen, Gwynne

  Eric, Erik – Frederica, Veronica

  Ernest – True, Verity

  Evan – Evadne

  Fernando – Fern

  Francisco, Frank – Francesca, Frannie

  Frederick – Frieda

  Garrett – Garnet

  Gary – Mary

  Harold, Harry – Hallie

  Henry – Hattie

  Ian – Nia, Nina

  Isaac – Isla

  Jack – Jane, Joan

  Jacob, Jason – Jacinda

  James – Amy

  Jay – Mae, May

  Jeffrey – Freya

  Jeremiah – Mariah, Maya

  Jeremy – Mia

  Jerome – Romy

  Jesse – Jessamine

  Joel – Jolie

  Joseph – Poesy, Posey, Posy, Seraphina

  Kenneth – Kendall, Kenna

  Kevin – Eva, Evelina

  Larry, Lawrence – Laurel

  Leonard – Leah, Leocadia

  Logan – Olga

  Louis, Lucas, Luis – Lulu, Lucasta, Lucienne

  Manuel – Molly

  Marc, Mark – Arcadia

  Mario – Aria

  Martin – Marla, Marlo

  Matthew – Mattea, Maud, Maude, Thea

  Maurice – Reese

  Michael – Ellie, Micah

  Nathan – Hana

  Nathaniel – Anya

  Neil – Neely, Nell

  Nicholas – Holly, Nicola

  Omar – Mara

  Oscar – Scarlett

  Patrick – Trixie

  Paul – Polly

  Peter – Petra, Tera

  Philip, Phillip – Piper, Pippa

  Ralph – Rae

  Randall – Dahlia, Dolly

  Raymond – Rachel, Rae

  Robert – Beryl

  Roy – Joy

  Ruben – Ruby

  Russell – Selah

  Scott – Scout

  Sean, Shawn – Sian

  Seth – Beth

  Theodore – Dory

  Thomas – Tamsin

  Todd – Maude

  Travis – Ava, Avis

  Trevor – Riva

  Tyler – Lila

  Vincent – Wynne

  Walter – Wallis

  William – Billie, Willa, Willow

  Zachary – Caroline

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