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He Says Shayla, She Says Cecilia: Help this couple agree on a baby name!
He Says Shayla, She Says Cecilia: Help this couple agree on a baby name!
Apr 19, 2024 4:02 AM

  Our Berry Question of the Week comes from Jen Barnes of Seattle, who’s facing a common problem in Baby Name Land: She and her husband are having trouble agreeing on a name for their second daughter.  Here, the names he likes and those that she likes.  Your job, dear berries, is to help them find a name they both will love.  Jen writes:

  Please help us name baby #2!  Our 2nd baby girl is arriving in 4 short weeks and she has no name!  Our 18-month-old daughter, Rose Katherine, was named the second we found out that she was a girl!  Every time I think I have some names narrowed down, I add one to the list.  My husband has been no help in this process either — ha.  Here are the names he likes:


  Shayla– he used to live in a city (spelled Xela) in Guatemala with this name and it is very dear to his heart but I am just not feeling it.


  I love the name Nora but I fear that it is becoming too popular.  What do you think?

  Here are my favorite names currently:





  After pouring through the lists on Nameberry, I definitely feel that I am drawn towards the vintage names.

  Here’s our dilemma…and I haven’t even thought about middle names!  Any help would be great!  Thanks berries.

  Where’s the middle ground between Shayla and Cecilia?  Is Nora the one, and how to make it work for both Jen and her husband?  Over to you, Berry Geniuses.

  Have your own question you’d like addressed?  Send it to berryqow@nameberry.com.

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