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New! First-Ever Berry Question of the Week
New! First-Ever Berry Question of the Week
Apr 19, 2024 5:21 AM

  We’re turning around the Question of the Week format, so that you ask the questions of us and of the general Berry population.

  Looking for advice on naming your baby?  Negotiating a name problem with your partner or mother-in-law? Or simply have a larger name question you’d like to ask the crowd?  Send your question to pam@nameberry.com and maybe we’ll choose it for this column.

  Our first-ever Berry Question of the Week comes from Lindy Diamond, a South African mother of two adorable little girls (that’s them in the photo) who’s expecting her third daughter and needs help in finding a name that fits her tight parameters.  Lindy writes:

  “I have two daughters, with another one on the way in two months time – making me one week overdue for a three under three award! My first daughter is Ariella Jaime Diamond – we call her Ari for short. The second is Aerin Michaela Diamond, just Aerin at the moment.

  While the “A” first name pattern was unintentional, I feel like I can’t just abandon it for this baby. I need a name that fits in with the pattern and feel of the first two.  The parameters:

  —Ari and Aerin both begin with A.

  –Their names (either first or second) both contain the letters EL, putting the name of G-d somewhere in there too.

  –Also, there is the wish to use a second name with an initial that honours a relative who has passed away (K, B, G, F, S, V).

  –Our surname is Diamond, so certain initials will spell out no-goes, and certain first names wont work either (initials like A.D.D. or names like Amber Diamond)

  I am enjoying the challenge of finding a name that fits these tight parameters, but wonder if the professionals could think of something I have missed!”

  Over to you, Berries!  What are your name ideas for Lindy‘s new baby girl and Ari and Aerin‘s little sister?

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