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Spanish Nature Names Soar Beyond Luna
Spanish Nature Names Soar Beyond Luna
Apr 19, 2024 4:21 AM

  While for the most part, 2022's Top 10 names looks a whole lot similar to the year before, there was one significant change — the debut of the luminous Luna. The Spanish word for moon has been shooting up the charts after having entered the Top 1000 in 2003, and was given to almost 9000 baby girls this past year.

  We noticed a pretty noteworthy trend when doing a deep dive into the data — following along in Luna's footsteps, there were many other Spanish nature names for girls that rose significantly in 2022 as well. From the more established Esmeralda and Paloma, to rare and virtually undiscovered gems Avellana and Girasol, Spanish nature and word names are red-hot.

  Here are 10 of our favorites among the rising Spanish nature names from 2022, ranging in popularity from names well within the Top 1000 to names only given to a few babies.


The Best Spanish Nature Names



Brisk and airy Brisa is popular among families with Latin American or Hispanic heritage, but virtually unheard of elsewhere. Spanish for "breeze", Brisa not only has a lovely sound and meaning, but is easy to spell and pronounce by non-Spanish speakers as well — the perfect recipe for a cross-cultural name. The name Brisa had a big jump this year, given to 122 baby girls in 2022 compared to only 85 in 2021.



One of the fastest-rising girl names of 2022, as well as one of our favorite newcomers to the Top 1000, is the celestial Cielo — the Spanish word for "sky". Cielo may have religious significance for some. Historically the name has been used in honor of María del Cielo — a title for the Virgin Mary meaning "Mary of the Sky." However, many parents today are considering Cielo, pronounced "see-EH-lo", for its lively energy and on-trend nature meaning.

  Luisana Lopilato and Michael Bublé naming their daughter Cielo Yoli Rose in 2022 certainly boosted the name into the spotlight. Cielo ranked at Number 998 in 2022, given to 261 baby girls — compared to only 192 girls in 2021.



Estrella is one of the rising stars of the last few decades in the Latin American and Hispanic community, and it is no wonder why. It boasts a beautiful sound — "eh-STRAY-a" — and the radiant meaning "star", making Estrella a perfect alternative to the popular Luna. Estrella actually peaked in 2005 at Number 296 before experiencing a significant decline, but is on the upswing again. In 2022 it ranked at Number 677.



Pronounced "YOO-vee-a", this striking and evocative name means "rain" in Spanish. Lluvia shares similar sounds with popular choices like Luna or Olivia, while still remaining distinct and unique. The name Lluvia was given to 90 baby girls in 2022.



Many of the most popular girl names throughout history have begun with Mar-, from Mary and Margaret to Marissa and Mariah — but how about just Mar? The Spanish word for "sea" is a Top 100 name in Spain, but was only given to 53 baby girls in the US in 2022. Simple and sweet Mar would also be a great honor name for a relative with any of the aforementioned historically popular "Mar-" names.



One of the most princessy names on the list is Mariposa, Spanish for butterfly. This gorgeous and romantic name was given to 37 baby girls in 2022, an increase from only 18 babies in 2021.

  For some '90s and early 2000s kids, the name may bring to mind the nostalgic film Barbie Mariposa, featuring a fairy with the name — but otherwise, Mariposa has seldom been heard as a given name. We think Mariposa definitely deserves some consideration. And as a bonus? The adorable nickname Posie.



Joining the cohort of cool and modern gender-neutral nature names is spunky Rio. Rio is Spanish and Portuguese for "river", as seen in the beautiful and lively Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro — translating to "River of January".

  Rio is more popular as a boy name where it ranks in the Top 1000, but it is also rising as a girl name, having been given to 118 baby girls in 2022. Rio is also a Top 10 girl name in Japan, stemming from different roots and meaning "place of the cherry blossoms." A truly international choice.



Now that the Spanish word for moon has officially cracked the Top 10, it may be time to give her sunny counterpart more attention. This short and sweet nature meaning "sun" was among the fastest-rising girl names of 2022. Passing the French Soleil in popularity, Sol was a newcomer to the Top 1000 this year and now ranks at Number 837. An even rarer alternative is the Spanish Solana, meaning "sunshine".



Violet has been solidly in the Top 50 for a few years now, and is one of the most popular floral and color names of this decade. The Spanish Violeta elevates this classic with a lyrical and romantic charm. Violeta ranks at Number 740 in 2022 — a significant rise from Number 893 in 2021.



The rarest feature on our list is the vivacious Vista. Given to only 5 baby girls, Vista was among the new debuts in the charts in 2022. This Spanish word means "view" — often a beautiful and scenic view from a high-up place. A lovely meaning to bestow upon a daughter, with an equally lovely sound to match.


Rising Spanish Nature Names

  The rise of Spanish nature names was a notable trend in the 2022 charts, reflecting both the growing interest and significant rise in popularity of formerly offbeat nature and botanical names — we see you Marigold, Ocean, and Clover — as well as a shift in Americans' perspectives through branching out to names of various other cultures and language origins such as Spanish names.

  Here are some other noteworthy Spanish nature names that experienced a rise in popularity in 2022.

  HeartAlondraChevron - RightHeartAmbarChevron - RightHeartAvellanaChevron - RightHeartAzucenaChevron - RightHeartBayaChevron - RightHeartCisneChevron - RightHeartColibríChevron - RightHeartDaliaChevron - RightHeartEsmeraldaChevron - RightHeartFlorChevron - RightHeartGemaChevron - RightHeartGirasolChevron - RightHeartJacintaChevron - RightHeartLeonaChevron - RightHeartLilaChevron - RightHeartLuceroChevron - RightHeartLunaChevron - RightHeartLuzChevron - RightHeartMargaritaChevron - RightHeartMaricieloChevron - RightHeartMarinaChevron - RightHeartMarisolChevron - RightHeartNevadaChevron - RightHeartPalomaChevron - RightHeartPerlaChevron - RightHeartRosaChevron - RightHeartRubíChevron - RightHeartSolimarChevron - Right


More Spanish Nature Names

  If you are looking for a name that is not currently on the rise, you're in luck! Here is our selection of Spanish nature names that are not on many (or any) parents' radars in 2022 — many of which have never been given to 5 or more babies in any given year.

  HeartÁrbolChevron - RightHeartAmapolaChevron - RightHeartBahíaChevron - RightHeartCanelaChevron - RightHeartColinaChevron - RightHeartConchaChevron - RightHeartDelfinaChevron - RightHeartFloresChevron - RightHeartGalaxiaChevron - RightHeartGaviotaChevron - RightHeartJamaicaChevron - RightHeartJazmínChevron - RightHeartMaravillaChevron - RightHeartMareaChevron - RightHeartPalmaChevron - RightHeartPeoníaChevron - RightHeartQuetzalChevron - RightHeartRocioChevron - RightHeartSemillaChevron - RightHeartTierraChevron - RightHeartTigreChevron - RightHeartVinaChevron - Right


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