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These Names Are At Their Peak
These Names Are At Their Peak
Apr 19, 2024 5:03 AM

  Looking for a name everyone will love just as much as you do? You can’t go wrong with names at the top of their game.

  Names that peaked in 2022, calculated in exclusive research and analysis by Nameberry, are baby names that rank higher in the USA than they have ever done before. They all fit perfectly with current styles, and some will put you ahead of the trends.

  It’s an eclectic mix of names, ranging from Top 10 choices like Charlotte and Henry, which have always been popular but never quite so popular, to those which have only just broken into the Top 1000, like Soleil and Cassian.

  Some of these names are at their true peak, while others are only just warming up and will rise even further in future years.

  If you’re concerned about popularity, some of these are a gamble. If you choose a name like Elodie or Cillian — both below the Top 500 but rising — it could be in the Top 50 in a few years’ time. Or it might be a flash in the pan that date-stamps your child to the early 2020s. Do you dare run the risk?

  If you find a name you love here, it’s unlikely to matter — so read on for our guide to the best peaking names.

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Popular Names at Their Peak

Among the most popular baby names there is some very different energy. Some names, like Sophia and Benjamin, while still much loved, are at the start of a long slow fade. Others, like Theodore and Amelia, look set to rise even higher within the Top 10.

  Here are the names in the US Top 50 names that are still on their way up. Featuring both true classics and modern favorites, these are the safest of all the crowd-pleasers.

  HeartAmeliaChevron - RightHeartAsherChevron - RightHeartAuroraChevron - RightHeartCharlotteChevron - RightHeartElenaChevron - RightHeartElianaChevron - RightHeartEliasChevron - RightHeartEvelynChevron - RightHeartEzekielChevron - RightHeartEzraChevron - RightHeartHenryChevron - RightHeartHudsonChevron - RightHeartIvyChevron - RightHeartLeoChevron - RightHeartLeviChevron - RightHeartLiamChevron - RightHeartLucaChevron - RightHeartLucasChevron - RightHeartLunaChevron - RightHeartMateoChevron - RightHeartMaverickChevron - RightHeartNaomiChevron - RightHeartNovaChevron - RightHeartOliverChevron - RightHeartOliviaChevron - RightHeartOwenChevron - RightHeartPenelopeChevron - RightHeartSantiagoChevron - RightHeartScarlettChevron - RightHeartSebastianChevron - RightHeartTheodoreChevron - RightHeartVioletChevron - RightHeartWillowChevron - Right


Rare Names Peaking Now

These names rank lower in the Top 1000. Use them now, and your child may well be one of a kind locally — and even if they get more popular in future years, you'll be ahead of the trend.

  HeartCassianChevron - RightHeartColesonChevron - RightHeartElowynChevron - RightHeartErenChevron - RightHeartGuinevereChevron - RightHeartInayaChevron - RightHeartMassimoChevron - RightHeartOsmanChevron - RightHeartRhodesChevron - RightHeartRosalinaChevron - RightHeartRowynChevron - RightHeartSapphireChevron - RightHeartSoleilChevron - RightHeartTeoChevron - RightHeartXylaChevron - RightHeartZenChevron - Right


Modern Names at Peak Popularity

Most of these were barely heard of a decade or two ago, but now they represent the latest in modern style. They include new waves of surnames and word names, trends such as spiritual names and grandpa names on girls, and remixes of the coolest sounds.

  HeartAloraChevron - RightHeartCartierChevron - RightHeartCollinsChevron - RightHeartCreedChevron - RightHeartJettChevron - RightHeartJreamChevron - RightHeartKnoxChevron - RightHeartKodaChevron - RightHeartLeightonChevron - RightHeartLoveChevron - RightHeartMakaiChevron - RightHeartMilaniChevron - RightHeartNeoChevron - RightHeartOakleighChevron - RightHeartOzzyChevron - RightHeartScottieChevron - RightHeartSevenChevron - RightHeartTruChevron - RightHeartWrenleyChevron - RightHeartZaireChevron - Right


Traditional Baby Names Peaking Now

The names below are, if not quite classics, certainly well-known with a long history behind them. They include vintage hits coming back even more popular than they were the first time, and favorites from Britain and other countries that are a little later to catch on in the States.

  HeartCallumChevron - RightHeartCatalinaChevron - RightHeartCloverChevron - RightHeartElodieChevron - RightHeartElliotChevron - RightHeartEmilioChevron - RightHeartGrahamChevron - RightHeartHadassahChevron - RightHeartLeonelChevron - RightHeartMaeveChevron - RightHeartMathiasChevron - RightHeartMuhammadChevron - RightHeartRemyChevron - RightHeartRonanChevron - RightHeartSeleneChevron - RightHeartSylvieChevron - RightHeartXiomaraChevron - RightHeartZaraChevron - Right


Unisex Names at Their Peak

It’s a sign of the times, as gender-neutral names become more popular each year, that many names are peaking for both boys and girls. Most (but not all) are non-traditional, and names trending across the gender board include words, places, and surnames.

  HeartAmiriChevron - RightHeartAriChevron - RightHeartAzariahChevron - RightHeartBaylorChevron - RightHeartEdenChevron - RightHeartEzraChevron - RightHeartOakleyChevron - RightHeartOceanChevron - RightHeartRoryChevron - RightHeartSageChevron - RightHeartSalemChevron - RightHeartSevynChevron - RightHeartShilohChevron - RightHeartSuttonChevron - RightHeartTatumChevron - RightHeartTruChevron - Right

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