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50 Rare Gender-Neutral Names Heating Up
50 Rare Gender-Neutral Names Heating Up
Apr 19, 2024 5:40 AM

  Gender neutral names are extremely fashionable right now – but that can pose a problem to parents looking for a cool but uncommon unisex baby name.

  Familiar favorites such as River (Number 105 for boys in 2022, and Number 150 for girls) and Charlie (Number 178 for boys, Number 123 for girls) enjoy a double dose of popularity that makes them feel more common than the official stats would suggest.

  That means that parents in search of names that are both gender-neutral and unique need to look further afield. 

  We’ve scoured the latest popularity charts to identify 50 cool gender neutral names that don’t make the Top 1000 for either sex, but were given to at least 100 babies in total last year.

  These truly unisex choices are rare but broadly appealing and right on trend, and have no more than a 35:65 gender split in either direction.

  Read more about our top 10 under-the-radar favorites below, or scroll down for the full list of 50 cool uncommon unisex names we’re watching.


10 Cool Gender Neutral Names



This sparky nature name was stopped in its tracks by COVID-19, but now it's on the rebound. TikTok may tell you that Cove is majorly trending, but it's still a rare choice, given to only 212 babies in 2022.



This intriguing nature name plays on gender convention, with its strong Cy syllable balanced out by the softer -ess ending sound. Due to their height and resilience, cypress trees symbolize hope, strength and immortality.



Jazz great Duke Ellington lends this preppy surname name an eternally cool, easygoing appeal. With echoes of popular choices like Elliot and Ellis for boys, Eleanor and Ellie for girls, it’s a stylish fit for any gender.



As a girl name, Hollis updates 1970s sweetheart Holly, while for boys, it's a natural surname in the key of Brooks, Rhodes, and Banks.



A meaningful virtue name with a double personality. For girls, it’s a strong and glamorous vintage gem; for boys, it’s a dynamic modern word name – a rarer spin on Justice or Legend.



Bird names from Birdie to Wren are very fashionable right now, and Lark is one we’re hearing more and more of lately. But while Lark is overwhelmingly feminine, this surnamey spin is one of the coolest gender neutral names of the moment. It actually originated as a masculine name: a medieval nickname for Laurence.



Not technically a virtue name, but it sure sounds like one! Merritt is an uncommon and upbeat alternative to surname names like Wyatt, Everett, Beckett and Truett – all boasting that smart and stylish double T ending.



Legendary director Sir Ridley Scott gives this quirky surname a dashing, artistic flair for boys, but it’s also a cute and quirky alternative to the likes of Hadley and Ripley for girls.



An originally female Hebrew name that underwent a dramatic gender switch in the early noughties in the US, by analogy with both Spanish Gael and the aspirational surname Yale. Its unusual Y initial and AE consonant cluster make it a unique and eye-catching choice.



The fashionable nickname Winnie and rise of girl names like Marlowe and Willow have transformed Winslow from a buttoned-up boy name to a fresh possibility for both sexes.


Best Rare Gender Neutral Names

  And now for the the full roster of Nameberry’s favorite cool gender-neutral baby names below the Top 1000.

  None of these truly unisex names has more than a 35:65 gender split, but the color indicates the slightly dominant sex (for now — many of these are in a state of gender flux).

  HeartAmenChevron - RightHeartArisChevron - RightHeartAustenChevron - RightHeartAzariChevron - RightHeartBowieChevron - RightHeartBrightonChevron - RightHeartCampbellChevron - RightHeartCharlestonChevron - RightHeartCoveChevron - RightHeartCypressChevron - RightHeartDivineChevron - RightHeartEllingtonChevron - RightHeartEverChevron - RightHeartGentryChevron - RightHeartHalenChevron - RightHeartHalstonChevron - RightHeartHollisChevron - RightHeartHonorChevron - RightHeartHuntleyChevron - RightHeartImanChevron - RightHeartIndianaChevron - RightHeartIsaChevron - RightHeartJulesChevron - RightHeartKirbyChevron - RightHeartKitChevron - RightHeartKoiChevron - RightHeartLakeChevron - RightHeartLarkinChevron - RightHeartLexingtonChevron - RightHeartLindenChevron - RightHeartLouChevron - RightHeartLowenChevron - RightHeartMarloChevron - RightHeartMerrittChevron - RightHeartMontanaChevron - RightHeartNikitaChevron - RightHeartPaysonChevron - RightHeartPerryChevron - RightHeartRamseyChevron - RightHeartRidleyChevron - RightHeartRoyaleChevron - RightHeartRumiChevron - RightHeartSoraChevron - RightHeartSoulChevron - RightHeartStormChevron - RightHeartTimberChevron - RightHeartTrueChevron - RightHeartValentineChevron - RightHeartWynnChevron - RightHeartYaelChevron - Right


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