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Modern Christian Names With Spirit and Style!
Modern Christian Names With Spirit and Style!
Apr 19, 2024 6:04 AM

  Christian names combine spirituality with style, conveying a faith-based message with contemporary sensibility.

  These modern Christian names with an evangelical feel aren’t traditional biblical names, well-worn virtues, or even the old prophet names that are so popular nowadays. No, this is a fresh, 21st-century style of Christian names that shout their meaning to the rooftops.


Christian Name Styles

This style draws together several types of name. There are word names, some overtly Christian, like Amen, Epiphany, and the Kardashian-West boys’ names, Saint and Psalm. Others have more subtle symbolism and can also be secular, such as River and Shepherd.

  Like Saint, these modern Christian names can have grandiose meanings — Savior and Messiah, for example. These may seem novel to English speakers, but other cultures traditionally use names with these meanings, like Salvador.

  Other names in this style are biblical place names such as Jericho and Galilee, titles like Kyrie and Adonai, and books of the bible. Genesis is by far the most popular, especially if you include all the spelling variations.

  We see these modern Christian names as part of a larger trend for spiritual names of all kinds, by parents seeking names that are fresh, distinctive and full of meaning. Join us for a deeper look.


Celebrity Christian Names

Many modern evangelical names got their break from pop culture — if only by making parents aware that they can be names. Here are some that were accelerated by shows, movies, and celebrity baby names.

  Canaan shot up in 2015-16 after Oprah Winfrey revealed it was her son's name.

  Creed has been rising since the Rocky movie Creed was released in 2015. Also used by Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom fame.

  Cross debuted in the US charts in 1997, inspired by Alex Cross, a character in the movie Kiss the Girls.

  Deacon rose after Reese Witherspoon used it in 2003, and again thanks to a Nashville character in 2012.

  Halo shot up for girls and entered the chart for boys in 2008, the year Beyoncé’s single was released.

  Psalm got more use for both sexes after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gave it to their son in 2019.

  Rise is a new entry to the charts in recent years. Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell chose it for their child Rise Messiah, born in 2022.

  Saint first came onto the radar in 2014, when Pete Wentz gave it to his son... but it had little impact on the charts. In 2015 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose it for their son. The following year it tripled in use, and now it's in the US Top 500. How times change!

  Shiloh came to public attention in 2006, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose it for their child. It entered the Top 1000 girl names the following year, and the boys' Top 1000 in 2015, and continues to rise. Kristen Wiig & Avi Rothman may have given it an extra boost in 2021.

  Trinity rose and peaked sharply from 1999-2004, the era of the original Matrix movies.

  Zion rocketed up after 1997, when rapper Lauryn Hill chose it for her son. The latest celeb to use it is Nick Cannon, who welcomed twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa in 2021.


New Christian Names

Looking for a baby name that older generations won't share...or even recognize?

  The names below are the opposite of traditional, though the words and places they refer to are ancient. They have only appeared in the US baby name charts within the last 30 years, and in some cases as recently as last year.

  HeartBaptisteChevron - RightHeartBelieveChevron - RightHeartBethlehemChevron - RightHeartBlessChevron - RightHeartBlessedChevron - RightHeartBlessingsChevron - RightHeartChosenChevron - RightHeartCrossChevron - RightHeartExodusChevron - RightHeartGalileeChevron - RightHeartGiftChevron - RightHeartGraciousChevron - RightHeartHallelujahChevron - RightHeartHaloChevron - RightHeartKingdomChevron - RightHeartJerusalemChevron - RightHeartPromiseChevron - RightHeartPsalmChevron - RightHeartRejoiceChevron - RightHeartRighteousChevron - RightHeartSacredChevron - RightHeartSaviorChevron - RightHeartSaviourChevron - RightHeartSpiritChevron - RightHeartSoulChevron - RightHeartTestimonyChevron - RightHeartTriumphChevron - RightHeartZealChevron - Right


More Modern Christian Names

These Christian names have a longer history of use, and might sound more familiar or even old-fashioned. But they all have a spiritual, evangelical vibe that fits with today's modern Christian name style.


Modern Christian Girl Names

HeartBethelChevron - RightHeartDivinityChevron - RightHeartEpiphanyChevron - RightHeartEvangelineChevron - RightHeartFaithChevron - RightHeartGenesisChevron - RightHeartGloryChevron - RightHeartHeavenChevron - RightHeartHeavenlyChevron - RightHeartHosannaChevron - RightHeartJubileeChevron - RightHeartMannaChevron - RightHeartMercyChevron - RightHeartMiracleChevron - RightHeartParadiseChevron - RightHeartPassionChevron - RightHeartPromiseChevron - RightHeartProvidenceChevron - RightHeartSelahChevron - RightHeartSinaiChevron - RightHeartSpiritChevron - RightHeartTrinityChevron - Right


Modern Christian Boy Names

HeartDeaconChevron - RightHeartEmmanuelChevron - RightHeartFisherChevron - RightHeartJerichoChevron - RightHeartLeviticusChevron - RightHeartMessiahChevron - RightHeartNazarethChevron - RightHeartProphetChevron - RightHeartRansomChevron - RightHeartShepherdChevron - Right


Modern Christian Unisex Names

HeartAlphaChevron - RightHeartAmenChevron - RightHeartBlessingChevron - RightHeartCruzChevron - RightHeartDivineChevron - RightHeartHolyChevron - RightHeartKyrieChevron - RightHeartNazarethChevron - RightHeartOmegaChevron - RightHeartRiverChevron - RightHeartSalemChevron - RightHeartZionChevron - Right

  Read our full list of Modern Christian Names.


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