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The Top Names We're Watching for 2024
The Top Names We're Watching for 2024
Apr 19, 2024 3:54 AM

  Which baby names will be on top in 2024?

  If we're speaking literally, you can expect to see the same few names on the tippy-top of the charts — Olivia and Emma, Liam and Noah. But it's a lot more fun to look at the fastest-rising names — the choices rapidly heating up on the American charts.

  These breakout names are trickier to predict, but that's part of the fun. We challenged our editorial team to secretly nominate the names they think will seriously rise in 2024 — some of the choices may surprise you!


Names We Predict Will Rise in 2024

Nature names, cross-cultural picks, and pop culture darlings are among the Nameberry team's top choices for rising stars in 2024, reflecting the diverse inspirations of modern baby naming.

  Our choices span origins and genders, time periods and popularity rankings, but they all share a certain je ne sais quoi that will attract parents in 2024.

  Below, find our top 20 names that will "pop" in 2024, along with explanations from their nominators.


1. Asha

"As with Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon — which has risen a whopping 533 spots since the movie's release in 2021 — I think Disney's brand-new princess heroine Asha from the movie Wish will propel this name back onto the charts." — Brynn


2. Athens

"Athens was only given to 14 baby boys last year, but as a hip place name with a stylish S ending and mythological ties — via the already-popular Athena — it will bound up the charts in no time." — Sophie


3. Beverly

"A surprise comeback as it was popular from the 1920s through to the 60s, so it should be an uncool Grandma name. But the pressure of popular names like Everly and Bellamy is seemingly enough to make it stylish again. I've seen parents considering it, and it's starting to climb in the charts again." — Clare


4. Blaise

"Blaise is one of those names that I can’t believe is not much much more popular. It’s both an ancient saint’s name and an extremely cool-sounding sleek wordlike name. Yet it keeps flirting with the very bottom of the popularity list, Number 999 last year and below the line this year." — Pam


5. Celia

"To me, Celia is one of the loveliest girl names that’s much less popular than it deserves to be. It’s got a classic literary pedigree, yet has been falling in popularity for more than a century. Still, it’s always been in the US Top 1000 yet never in the Top 100. And it’s got a heavenly meaning, literally." — Pam


6. Cleo

"Margot was one of those hivemind favorites that seemed to come out of nowhere to be a top choice of the current generation of parents. So what’s the next Margot? Maybe Cleo, with the upbeat O ending and a good replacement name if you love Chloe." — Pam


7. Coast

"Coast is the next Cove and — bonus — doesn't remind anyone of COVID. I've seen a lot of parents consider Coast as a middle name recently, but it makes a striking, nature-inspired first for any gender." — Sophie


8. Jireh

"This popular Christian rock song seems to be a new sensation in baby name inspiration. The song’s comment section on Youtube is packed with parents and parents-to-be talking about naming their son or daughter Jireh, representing hope and resilience." — Brynn


9. Lando

"It's a bit Star Wars, but also a traditional Italian name. I can see Lando appealing to parents looking for alternatives to names like Arlo and Enzo. Lando is rare, but has seen a big uptick in the last two years." — Clare


10. Leni

"I see Leni on what feels like every expecting parent's list, either as a full name or as a nickname for Eleanor, Lennon, Elena, etc. And sounding like the boyish nickname Lenny is a plus — just look at the recent success of Frankie, Charlie, and Stevie as girl's names." — Brynn


11. Maude

"A sweet and simple vintage name that I am seeing on more parents' lists lately, though I (sadly) have yet to meet one in real life!" — Brynn


12. Murray

"Murray is an Old Man name out of style that peaked a hundred years ago and has been off the Top 1000 for nearly 50 years. To me, that says time for a comeback. It has a rich sound and friendly feel that can work for either gender." — Pam


13. Oslo

"European city names are feeling extra chic, and this one comes with a fast pass to the nickname Ozzy — which I am seeing everywhere recently." — Brynn


14. Pia

"A thoroughly multicultural choice — found in Hindi and many European languages — that feels fresher than Mia. Expect to see it both on the birth certificate and as a nickname for the rising Olympia." — Sophie


15. Renzo

"Enzo might be the coolest Italianate nickname of the moment, but Renzo has even more sparkle. The 'ren' sound is trending for both sexes and the bright 'zo' ending is hipper than hip. It won't quite crack the Top 1000 this year, but Renzo will certainly get close." — Sophie


16. Reuben

"Reuben is a Biblical name that, like Celia, has always ranked in the US Top 1000 yet has never been in the Top 100. I see this as a next-gen classic, a name that will catch on with the next generation or two of parents, possibly for girls as well as boys." — Pam


17. Valkyrie

"Believe it or not, Valkyrie is hot hot hot. It's the ultimate badass feminist name, as Valkyries are the female deities who determine the fates of soldiers' souls in Norse mythology. It's definitely a sister name for Lilith, one that doubles as an honorific for Grandma Val." — Sophie


18. Venus

"Has the same badass goddess energy as Athena, but a totally different sound. We've talked a lot about Jupiter, but sometimes the goddess of love gets overlooked — but it is also looking set to rise further." — Clare


19. Woods

"Quirky nature names are all the rage, and this one perfectly encapsulates that rugged, outdoorsy, cottagecore vibe. I see Woods becoming the next Rhodes, Brooks, Hayes, etc." — Brynn


20 . Wren (m)

"Wren for boys is just outside the Top 1000. It's already on an upward trend, and with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend choosing it for their son this year, I'll be amazed if it doesn't enter the Top 1000 next year." — Clare


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