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Unique Twin Names to Inspire
Unique Twin Names to Inspire
Apr 19, 2024 5:48 AM

  Unique twin names that feel well-matched but not too matchy can feel impossible to find. Naming twins is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges (and greatest pleasures) facing a baby namer – although our ultimate guide to twin names is a great place to start!

  Many parents naming twins take inspiration from the most popular names list. Some of the most common combinations for twins today consist of modern classics like Olivia and Sophia for girls, Biblical favorites like Elijah and Isaiah for boys, and same-initial pairings like Ava and Aiden for girl-boy twins. And popular twin names do offer many advantages.

  But what if you want unique twin names that are connected and compatible yet not too obvious or cutesy? Meaning: Jupiter and Juno, no. Jupiter and Juniper, still no. But Jupiter and Calypso? Now you’re talking!

  Here are some original ideas for unique twin names to inspire you. All of these pairings share some connection – whether in meaning, origin, spelling or associations – but all work just as well individually as they do together.

  And, crucially, none of these unique names ranks within the current US Top 1000.


Unusual Twin Girl Names

Unique and unusual twin girl names can be found in a range of styles from a variety of sources. Connecting these names with a subtle theme can be a good way to focus the pair without being too obvious.

  Arrietty & Lavender – names from children’s books

  Bluma & Saffron – quirky botanical names

  Marta & Tamar – anagram names

  Allegra & Beatrix – both mean “joy”

  Rhiannon & Tallulah – names from songs

  Rosamund & Isolde – names from legendary romances

  Seren & Vesper – sleek names meaning “star”

  Tabitha & Hermione — fictional witch names

  Una & Nessa – mean “one” and “two”

  Zadie & Zita – retro Z names


Uncommon Twin Boy Names

Unique names for twin boys can be connected by meaning, letter, origin, or theme. Think about a larger backstory that resonates for you and use that to inspire uncommon boy names for your twin sons.

  Ames & Winn – both mean “friend”

  Aziz & Zaki – Arabic names with virtue meanings

  Calder & Conran – artistic C surnames

  Ciro & Sol – both mean “sun”

  Constantine & Aurelian — Roman emperor names

  Django & Fitz – cool jazz names

  Eben & Boaz – 4-letter Biblical names

  Kuiper & Altair – celestial names

  Orson & Roscoe – vintage names with animal meanings

  Ravello & Caruso — Italian opera names


Unique Girl-Boy Twin Names

Gender does not need to make unique twin names less compatible. Here are some unique names for boy-girl twins that are perfectly in tune. Find a connecting point that speaks to you and use that as a starting point in your search for names for your babies.

  Amity & Valor – 5-letter virtue names

  Art & Etta – jazzy nicknames

  Cordelia & Valentine – Shakespearean names

  Florin & Avalon – fictional place names

  Jupiter & Calypso – quirky mythological names

  Luan & Zira – both mean “moon”

  Mercury & Peridot – rare mineral names

  Oberon & Ottilie – unexpected O names

  Priya & Sajan – Hindi names meaning “love”

  Tamsin & Tavish – both mean “twin”


Cool Unisex Names for Twins

Whatever gender your twins, you can find lots of uncommon gender-neutral name pairs that work. As with the other twin names, look for a unique background story to link the names and inspire your search.

  Auburn & Ochre – color names

  Bergen & Juneau – city names

  Bly & Poe – 3-letter literary surnames

  Cedar & Hollis – tailored tree names

  Colm & Lark – bird names

  Innes & Adair – Scottish surnames

  Pax & Merritt – virtuous meanings

  Radley & Rivers – literary R surnames

  Shai & Lior – 4-letter Hebrew names

  Tully & Ennis – Irish surname and place names


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