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Name Stories for Kids: For name-nerds-in-training!
Feb 25, 2024
  There are countless books for kids with first names in their titles—from Harold and the Purple Crayon to Madeline to Fancy Nancy to Olivia—but there aren’t very many books for children about names, with scenarios revolving around such name issues as how they relate to identity, popularity, etc   I have found a...
The Nameberry 9: There’s more than one Number 1
Feb 25, 2024
  This week, Appellation Mountain ‘s Abby Sandel travels around the country and across the pond to discover which  names ranked Number 1 where.   Baby name news is fast and furious at year’s end.  Lists of Worst and Best Celebrity Baby Names abound.  (Did anyone else notice that Zuzu Audrey, daughter of Top...
Latin American Names: los nombres del bebe con salsa
Feb 25, 2024
  The term Latin American, of course, takes in a number of countries and cultures, with both shared name histories and trends and distinctly individual ones. The names in Portuguese-speaking Brazil are, for example, quite different from those in the various Spanish-speaking cultures.  Some currently popular names prove to be international...
How Popular is Too Popular?
Feb 25, 2024
  Question of the Week: Would you choose a popular name?   When my daughter Chloe was little, her name was becoming well used in Britain and Australia, but was hardly heard in the U.S.  In fact, a surprising number of  people often didn’t know how to pronounce or spell it.  And so, try as...
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